Why do I need a home inspection?

A house is one of the largest purchases most of us will ever make in our lifetime, and most people don't know everything they should about the home they're purchasing. An inspection of the home will disclose any apparent defects and concerns, and help to confirm that the decision to purchase the property was the right one or the wrong one.  

What is involved in a home inspection?

A state-licensed inspector will provide a professional opinion of the apparent condition of all readily-accessible components of the home. There are no references to local governmental codes and those components that are beyond the scope of the home inspection and that are excluded are listed in the inspection agreement. Many components are neither visible nor accessible during the inspection, and many times there isn't any historical information provided for the home prior to the inspection. A computer-generated narrative-style report with digital photos is delivered via e-mail or fax to the client shortly after the inspection is completed. Additional copies of the report can be sent to other parties with the written consent of the client.

What will be the cost of the inspection?

Generally speaking, the cost of inspecting most single family homes 2000 square feet or less can range from $350.00-400.00. Inspections of larger homes, older homes, and multi-family units may be priced higher, as they will take more time to complete. Inspections of smaller dwellings-apartments, condominiums, etc, may be priced a bit lower. The inspector will gather information from the client regarding the location of the property, age, square footage, number of rooms, and type of heating/cooling systems, etc., in order to provide an exact price.

Should I be present for the inspection?

The client is strongly encouraged to attend the inspection. It's important for the client to see what is being inspected and to understand the apparent conditions. The client is encouraged to ask questions in order to learn more about the property, and to understand how many of the components work. 

How long will the inspection take?

Most inspections will take 2½-3 hours to complete. Older and larger properties may require additional time. More importantly, the inspector will take the time required to do a thorough and complete inspection to insure that the buyer is completely informed and thoroughly understands the property conditions.

Is radon a problem in this area?

Radon is present in varying levels in every state in the United Statess and in every county in the state of Illinois. We cannot speculate on the levels that may or may not be present at a property. The only means of confirmation is through testing the home under the proper protocol by a state-licensed radon measurement professional. Our company does not provide radon testing services, however we can provide you with the contact information for an Illinois-licensed radon measurement professional who can help you.


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